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We recently ran a survey where we asked people what they thought we should be doing. We had 124 people reply and this is  the results from the survey. All of the information is in the numbers who replied rather than percentages.

People rated their church attendance as:

Not interested in attending


Believing in God but not going to Church


Attending weddings, funerals and baptisms only


Going occasionally


Going regularly


Belonging to another faith group


People were asked to complete the sentence "In my opinion Churches should . . . "

Be more inclusive and adapt to the C21


Be more active in the community


Encourage questions


Be more fun


Be historical and traditional


Support non church (vulnerable?) people


Nurture believers


Work with young people


Closed and sold off


Not bother people who don’t believe


Do things as well as Sundays


Are important to the community


Do different types of worship


Work better with other faiths



We also asked what we should be offering and people suggested the following :



 Healing Services


 Services with contemporary music


 Studies linking life and faith


 Films and Discussions afterwards


 Discussions about current issues


 Services with Classical Music


 Informal Café Style Services


What we think this all means:

  • We think that churches generally are not seen as relevant, modern or inclusive and will have to work to change this. One of the ways is to offer different types of worship.                                                              Our current “hymn sandwich” (prayer, hymn, prayer hymn etc.) was developed in the 17th century to cater for people who were seeking both religious and actual literacy.                                                               While it will still continue to work for some people the needs of our society are now different. The survey also shows people are keen to try worship that we would consider as non-traditional. These types of worship can be described as the desire to make collective sense of the world through the lens of faith and ethics and a place to pause and reflect.
  • We also think that people also want to mark life events. We need to reflect on people’s lives as they are lived today and find ways to mark these in addition to “hatchings matchings and dispatchings”.
  • Current political events show a distrust of experts and authority figures. As non-conformists our ethos of personal conviction, community and democratic culture could be enormously attractive. But we also need to recognise that increasingly time poor people will not prop up structures that they do not see as relevant.
  • We also need to tell our story more. We need to come up with a narrative that talks about who we are and what is valuable and special about us. We need to show we add a positive contribution and have something unique to offer.
  • Hull URC Team Ministry

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