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St.Ninian’s & St.Andrew’s United Reformed Church

Chanterlands Avenue, Hull.  HU5  4DJ   [near the bridge and opposite the garage]


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People’s Art Gallery 2022



Dear Exhibitor,


After two years of cancellations and uncertainty, we have pleasure in announcing that the People’s Art Gallery will be returning to St.Ninian’s & St.Andrew’s United Reformed Church, Chanterlands Avenue, Hull on Sunday 3rd July and Sunday 10th July. The receiving date for pictures will be Saturday 2nd July between 2pm. and 4pm.


In view of the long time that has elapsed since our last Exhibition we understand that your circumstances may have changed or our mailing list may have become out-of-date. If that be so, please ignore this letter and accept our apologies.


We are enclosing a Registration Form for the 2022 People’s Art Gallery. Should you require any further Registration Forms, these can be either photocopied or downloaded         from our website. Please note that a maximum of three pictures per exhibitor may be entered. Exhibitors may offer their work for sale, but this is not a gallery requirement. We make arrangements to securely store your work between the two exhibition dates. There is a small fee of £1 per item to exhibit in this People’s Art Gallery.


Please also find attached a copy of the Conditions of Entry, which we would ask you to read carefully.


The Gallery will be open to the public free of charge from 1pm to 4pm to coincide with the Annual Avenues Open Gardens Weekends and refreshments will be available throughout both afternoons. Exhibitors are requested to collect their pictures between 4pm and 5pm after the Gallery closes on the second Sunday afternoon (10th July).


We hope we can look forward to your interest and support. We will endeavour to advertise the event widely and trust that the People’s Art Gallery will be another great success.

 Advertising and promotional items are now available. Mary & Kelvin Young



St.Ninian’s & St.Andrew’s People’s Art Gallery Staff

Conditions of Entry.



All work must be the original work of the artist. No photographs, computer generated images, copies or photographs of existing works will be accepted.


There is a small entry fee of £1 per exhibit for this gallery.


The Registration Form should be fully completed and presented when the exhibits are delivered. Exhibits can only be accepted on Saturday 2nd July between 2pm. and 4pm. The maximum number of entries from one exhibitor is three. The organisers will retain the Registration Form and you will be issued with a signed and numbered receipt. This receipt will be required for identification when you collect your exhibits.


In order to comply with General Data Protection Regulations, the Gallery Staff now require you to complete an additional section, authorising them to retain and process the personal data you provide on the Registration Form.


Exhibitors may offer their work for sale, but this is not a gallery requirement.


The exhibitor agrees to donate 15% of the selling price to the organisers. Payments for sold pictures will normally be paid by cheque and posted to the artist within 14 days of the Exhibition.


Each picture must be accompanied by a label detailing the picture’s title, the medium, the price and the artist’s name. In the case of pictures not for sale, “N.F.S.” must be shown on the Registration Form and on the label.


Any insurance cover for paintings displayed in the exhibition and their transportation to and from the Gallery will be the responsibility of the artist.


Whilst every care will be taken in the handling of exhibits, the organisers cannot accept responsibility for damage to your work or its frame.


As many pictures as possible will be exhibited, but it may not be practical to display every entry. The organisers reserve the right to display only those paintings for which there is reasonable space available. All pictures entered, whether exhibited or not, must be collected on the second Sunday afternoon (10th July) within an hour of closure of the Gallery.


Stewards will not dismantle or return exhibits until after the close of the Exhibition.


St.Ninian’s & St.Andrew’s People’s Art Gallery Staff 2022

St.Ninian’s & St.Andrew’s United Reformed Church

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  People’s Art Gallery 2022

Sunday 3rd July 2022  &  Sunday 10th July 2022

 There is a fee of £1 per item to exhibit in tis People’s Art Gallery. You may exhibit up to three items.

Exhibition receiving times:    Saturday 2nd July from 2pm to 4pm.



Title of exhibit


Price (or NFS)






























Please supply a telephone number on which we may contact you during the two weekends.

Should all of your exhibits be sold, we will ring/text you, to save you a wasted collection visit.

Mobile: ………………………………………………             Landline……………………………………………






Please indicate your preferred method of contact for FUTURE EXHIBITION INFORMATION.


                                E-mail                Text                Telephone                   Postal mail



I understand that the details on this form will be electronically held by the designated Exhibition Data Protection Officer on a secure database and used by the Exhibition Staff (People’s Art Gallery) until you amend them or advise to the contrary. This procedure is strictly in accordance with the G.D.P.A. legal requirements.


Signed: ..................................................     Date:.............................................................


Exhibitor Reference Number



[ To be completed by Exhibition Staff ]



        This document will be retained by Exhibition Staff and you will be issued with a receipt