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Peter's House

Peter's house is a Community of students that started in August 2017.

If you are in interested in learning in more about the volunteers,

you can check out the Peter's house facebook page:

Peter’s House Draft Community Rule

Residents of Peter’s House will:

…value a communal life centred in the Hull Team Ministry, and demonstrate a commitment to personal growth and learning, and to mission within a team of churches that values diversity, justice and freedom of conscience. We will do this by:

 Valuing a communal life by regularly

  • Praying together

  • Eating together

  • Working together

 Centred in the Hull Team Ministry

  • Worshiping and working in the HTM

  • Engaging purposefully with mentors provided

  • Co creating with the team a vision of a church relevant to 21st century Hull and East Riding and attractive to young people.

 Commitment to growing and learning

  • Committing appropriate time to study to ensure academic achievement

  • Committing to work peaceably and respectfully with all people regardless of their gender, race., national identity, ability, sexual orientation, belief system or age.

  • Committing to living a life where a generous faith is an explicit value


  • Working within the team to support the HTM family

  • Being ambassadors for a church that values diversity, justice and freedom of conscience in their interactions with others

  • Being intentionally hospitable to others .

  • Hull URC Team Ministry

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