Thought for the month:

  Dear Friends


The last time I wrote the Pastoral letter we were just getting used to the first (of many!) lockdowns.  What a roller-coaster these last two years or more have been: we became used to social-distancing, sanitising, mask-wearing, no physical contact outside our own household, Zoom worship and much more.  But though it was difficult and seemingly unnatural at times, throughout it all we were also thankful for many things: the ease of keeping in touch with loved ones thanks to today's technology, looking with renewed eyes at the world around us within walking distance of our homes, even taking advantage of on-line shopping - be it for groceries or other things.

 I am writing this having just watched the Thanksgiving Service for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  In one of the prayers, thanks and praise were offered to God for the Queen's reign, especially for her seventy years of faithful and dedicated service - because of, and helped by, her faith in Jesus Christ. In his sermon, the Archbishop of York thanked the Queen for staying the course, being faithful to the pledges she made seventy years ago, and for showing us how service and faithfulness matter.

Shouldn’t this sentiment also apply to us?  Jesus Christ - our 'Servant King' - is ever-present, unseen yet faithfully supporting and guiding us throughout all our lives.  So, let us never cease to give Him thanks for all our many blessings.  To paraphrase lines from a well-known hymn, we thank you Lord for being here among us, sharing all we do, for our church, all the love we find there, for flowers, trees, sunshine, families and friendships:  we praise your Holy name.  

 Never let us forget to give thanks and be faithful.

 God's Blessings to you and your families

Jean Franks