Thoughts for the month:

Teamwork. According to my calendar Autumn begins on the 22nd September so Summer is almost over. Did you enjoy it? I know I did. It was a Summer of contrasting emotions for us as a team with our sadness at the closure of Christchurch Southella, and the joy of welcoming members of the Southella congregation into our fellowships. The word “team” has been much in evidence over the past few months with Team G.B. proudly donning their red, white and blue for the Olympics and the Paralympics. The games were very different this year due to Covid and one alteration that stood out for me was seeing medalists in the team sports proudly placing medals around the necks of their team-mates as they all stood together on the podium rather than simply taking their own medal. Image courtesy of redbubble Teamwork is so important in all parts of life, so how did “Team Jesus” do this Summer? Our lectionary readings for July & August began with Jesus sending his hand-picked team out two by two to teach, preach and heal using the power given to them by God. In August we heard of the growth of “Team Jesus” as more and more people heard, and responded to, his call. That same team has carried on growing and working together right up to the present day. Now we are the team; not just the team of three churches but the team of many members the world over, not of “Team G.B.” but of “Team J.C.” We may not be able to emulate the Olympic athletes physically but we can certainly outshine them in teamwork, mutual respect and love for each other. Image courtesy of spreadshirt With God as our team manager and Jesus as our captain we can’t lose! God bless, Paula Turner Zion, Cottingham