Thoughts for the month:

Hello everyone.

 I want you to use your imagination. Imagine that we have jumped hundreds of years into the future. Archaeologists have been on a dig and this is what they have found from our world today. Here is their imaginary report about us.

 1st Find - Evidence has been found of gods and icons. They were called “Posh” and “Becks”. Every individual seemed to try to copy them in every way. They were constantly worshipped.

2nd Find - It is thought that up to 90% of the population were deaf, as everyone seemed to carry elaborate hearing aids that played music called i-pods.

3rd Find - Artwork has been found in great quantities. It is made of plastic and was kept in purses or wallets. It seems to have been prized above all else.

4th Find - The remains of food mountains have been found in affluent areas. It would seem that the wealthy people hoarded food while the poor had very little. The land was still beautiful and rich. It just seemed to have been mismanaged. Large stocks of armaments have been found in every place.

5th Find - A wooden cross has been found. The significance of this item is uncertain.

 I wonder what future generations will think of us? What will they think of Christians and their place in the world? Would they see that we upheld the values of the world or of Christ? What type of church will we leave for future generations? Would they see a committed community of believers who were dedicated to prayer, worship, discipleship, evangelism and service that enabled them not only to experience the saving love of God in their own lives, but to communicate it to others? This is what Paul had to say to the church in Philippi.

 Your life in Christ makes you strong, and his love comforts you. You have fellowship with the Spirit and you have kindness and compassion for one another. You must shine as stars lighting up the sky as you offer people the message of life.” (Philippians 2 v.1 & 15).

 What do you think? What should this Circuit and Team be about? How can we build on the local service of previous generations to reach future ones? Let us figure it out so that we can work together to build God’s kingdom.

Yours in Christ, Ann.

Rev’d. Anne Rigby-Jones, Christ Church, Swanland.

Methodist Superintendent Minister (Hull Central & West Circuit).