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We’re glad that you have found us and hope you like our website. Like us it is in a constant state of evolution and growth so please feel free to come back and visit again! We hope to see you at one of our churches soon.

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- Upcoming Events  -

I. People's Art Gallery 2019

St. Ninian's and St. Andrew's (Hull) will be holding a People's Arts Gallery on Sunday 7th July and Sunday 14th July,

further information to be found here: People's Art Gallery 2019

II. Easter Bake-Off

There will be an Easter Bake-Off on Sunday, 14th of April
at 2pm, at Zion (Cottingham).
A friendly competition between teams of the 4 churches to
create the best easter-related food. If you want to attend,
please sign up with your church secretary.

III. Our Easter Celebrations

You can find information about how each of our churches celebrates Easter in our monthly Newsletter under this link

- - - more to be updated soon - - -

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