St Ninian's and St Andrew's URC

We are located at Chanterlands Avenue, Hull HU5 4DJ

St Ninians and Andrews URC









St. Ninian's and St. Andrew's considers itself a church that is open to exploration of faith. The members hope to build on our proud history of our non-conformist forebears by being a church where honest questions receive honest answers. We are also proud to be the only Church in the area who perform same sex marriages.

We are the only church on Chanterlands Avenue - near the bridge, opposite the garage - and strive to be at the heart of the community.

We usually worship at 9.30 on Sundays and our service is traditional. 

All welcome at any or all of our services

  • Monday (fortnightly) in ACR: Ladies Circle at 7.30p.m.
  • Tuesday in SAH – Tea and Toys 9.30am to 11.30 am. Suitable for mums and child minders along with their children. Term time only. 
  • Tuesday in SAH - 7.15-9.15 p.m. Rack-a-Back Morris dancers
  • Wednesday in ACR: 2.00-4.00pm: St Ninian's Needlecrafters
  • Wednesday in SAH – 6.00 pm to 7.00 pm Rainbows. Term time only.
  • 7.00 pm to 8.15 pm Brownies. Term time only.
  • Thursday  in ACR 1.15 pm to 3.15 pm Creative writing group. (Most Thursdays, term time only.)
  • Thursday in SAH5.00 pm to 6.00 pm Beavers. Term time only.
  • Thursday in SAH - 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm Cubs. Term time only.
  • Thursday in SAH - 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm Scouts. Term time only. 
  • Friday3rd Friday in the month in ACR. Trefoil Guild 7.00 pm to 9.00 pm. 

 In addition to these, the  Rainbow Pre-School, which meets every weekday during term time and is available to 2-4 year olds, has exclusive use of St Ninian's Hall.

The Creative Writing Group

 We are delighted to welcome back to our premises the Creative Writing Group who meet on Thursdays at 1.15pm.  The group temporarily left us in search of another venue, but couldn’t find anywhere as convenient and welcoming as our Avenues Community Room. We are pleased that their regular booking is now re-established, noting that they will be very happy to welcome any new members.

 St.Ninian’s Needlecrafters

We eventually decided on chicks for our Easter project, so you’ll be receiving one of these little cuties at our Easter Sunday morning service! If you’re not going to be able to attend church that day, then you may be able to retrieve one from the fence – but you will need to be quick because the angels that we put out at Christmas disappeared in no time. (I know they had wings, but I don’t think they flew away!)

                                                Image courtesy of Ed.

It will be back to personal items again after this, but as I said last month, we’d still like to see you with your ideas on Wednesday afternoons, so keep on thinking!     

                          Mary Young

Ladies Circle

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Monday 04th March at 7.30pm.    “Artist and Illustrator” – Eleanor Tomlinson

                                               There will be cards and illustrations to purchase.

Monday 18th March at 7.30pm.   “Project Linus” – Jan Wride

                                                    Making blankets to help sick and traumatised children.                    

Lenten Prayer Group

  In last month’s pastoral letter, Dave Green helpfully reminded us that change is coming. We don’t know yet what it will mean to have Simon here as our minister, but we can be sure that it won’t be the same as it has been and that can bring up all sorts of feelings.

 There are lots of ways we can approach reading the Bible, one way is with a particular theme or question in mind. This Lent it might be helpful for us to pray and re-read Jesus’ story together with the idea of ‘change’ in our minds. What might God have to say to us? What might we discover together?

 Please join us in the ACR every Tuesday 7 - 8pm through Lent, from Tuesday 20th February, to pray, read and listen together as we prepare to celebrate Easter once again. Everyone is welcome, if you like change or not!

Jon Steel


The Lenten Treasure Hunt

 For many in the Church Lent begins today with Ash Wednesday. It’s forty days long, reflecting the forty days Jesus spent in the wilderness. It’s a time to prepare for the new life that will be revealed on Easter Sunday. Lent is usually characterized by fasting, self-denial, and repentance. Even if Lent is not a part of your religious tradition, I guess you know about the struggles of letting go of things, self-denial, and trying to change your life. 

 A collection of common questions often arise around Lent. What should I do for Lent this year? What should I read or study? What should I give up or take on? They are good questions but sometimes we can be overly focused on the doing aspect of our lives. What about the being aspect?  Who do you want to be? How do you want to be? My sense is that if we get the ‘who’ and ‘how’ of our lives worked out, the ‘what’ of our lives follows pretty naturally. Maybe that’s why in the gospel reading for Ash Wednesday, we hear Jesus say, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”

(Matthew 6: v.21)

Our heart follows what we treasure. We give our heart to what we value most. Where is your heart these days? To what treasures are you giving yourself? What do you most value and how is that reflected in your words, actions, and the way you live? When we name our treasures we find our heart. When we name our treasures we begin to see, for better or worse, the direction in which our life is heading. Is your life heading in the direction you want to go? Does what others see of your life reflect who and how you want to be?                                                               Some treasures are of lasting and eternal value. They enrich and grow life. They benefit others. They enlarge our world and make room for others. They are worth holding on to. Other treasures, however, hold our hearts captive and impoverish life. They diminish our dignity and the dignity of others. They are fool’s gold and we need to let go of them regardless of how much we think we love or need them. 

 What if we lived as treasure hunters searching for our hearts? We might uncover what we truly value and how we really want to spend our time and energy. This is less about whether we are good or bad and more about discovering ourselves, recovering our lives, and becoming more whole. Learning to love and learning what to love, learning what to hold on to and what to let go of, that’s the Lenten work that heals our lives and offers healing to others

Adapted from ‘Interrupting the Silence’ by M.K.Marsh