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Easter for me is always the turning of the season, when we can breathe a sigh of relief that winter is over and we can look forward to warmer weather. Of course, it hasn’t always be like that for me- for the first 30 years of my life in Australia it meant that it was autumn and that winter (or what passed for winter) was around the corner.

It’s hard now to see Easter through autumn leaves rather than daffodils but it can be instructive. At Easter here we celebrate the resurrection. But if we take the resurrection message seriously, it also means the shedding of things that have are no longer useful. This mirrors the experience in Australia as trees are beginning to lose their leaves around Easter. It is a good symbol for discarding outdated ways of thinking about things and making room for new things to emerge.

It’s also a reminder that sometimes we face dark and difficult times but that “these too shall pass”. It is also good to remember that ending and beginnings are simply part of any life journey even when we move from the bright sunshine to the chill of winter.

But let’s turn things upside down and talk about Daffodils and the beginning of British Summer Time. As nature exults in spring and new life let us rejoice in ours. The Risen One is with us again walking, talking and catering- doing his work in the world.

Easter Blessings

              Chris Dowd

  • Hull URC Team Ministry

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