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Ministers thoughts for the month:

Lent, which finally begins this month is a time of inconvenience. It’s a time when we try to do things that can make us mindful. Whether we decide to give something up or we try to take something on it’s about consciously thinking about what we’re doing and why we’re doing about it.

We all know that Lent is a time for preparation for Easter. But what do we

really mean by that? Easter is the epicentre of the Christian year and

signifiesrebirth, regeneration and resurrection. What are the things you need

to do in this time to get ready for that? I think this is completely individual.

Over the years I have tried various things like going vegan, spending a

specific time in prayer, fundraising for a cause or giving up coffee (that one

almost led to pastoral meltdown with my withdrawal symptoms). I have

decided this year to let someone else come up with my challenge so I have

signed up to which will give me a bible reading and a

challenge each day which I can pick either a green, amber or red challenge

depending on the way I’m feeling and my schedule.

Whatever you decide to do make it meaningful. It isn’t just a quaint custom

but a real asset in the churches spiritual toolkit to help us prepare for the

holiest time of the year.

              Chris Dowd

  • Hull URC Team Ministry

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