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Ministers thoughts for the month:

So now Easter is over and we’re at the last BIG festival of the Church -Pentecost. (Incidentally it is my mother’s maiden name and probably means some long ago Cornish serf’s rent was due on Pentecost.) As we prepare for this last great feast of the Church, we’re at the end of the story that starts at Christmas with the coming of the Christ Child and ends at Pentecost with the coming of the Holy Spirit. We’re gone through the end of the year with Advent and Christmas, shivered through Lent and burst forth with Spring at Easter. Now the final festival is at hand before we spend time outside enjoying the wonderful weather that’s (hopefully!) on its way.

As you read this I hope we are starting to see God’s glory in creation. In the warm days, the flowering plants and the song of the returning birds. It’s time to get out into the garden and enjoy the best time of the year to live in Yorkshire. It’s time to revel in the beauty of our created world. If possible get out and enjoy it!

Of course, this month I’m out in the great outdoors as I walk the Camino from Saria to St James de Compostela. I’m very excited to walk with my two friends Revs Nick Jones and Neil Ritchie . I am also very pleased that we’re staying in B and B’s with ensuites - there are limits to this pilgrim lark! I am looking forward to the whole experience and will no doubt have tales for you all when I get back.

Apparently, the collective noun for a group of ministers is a prudence of ministers. It may the first time this has been a description for me!

Have a great May!

              Chris Dowd

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