Hull Team Churches

Ministers thoughts for the month:

Well we’ve managed to get to halfway through the year… where has it gone Summer sunshine has (hopefully) replaced the gloom of January and we’re all feeling that lift that summer brings. 

Of course, the “big events” of the liturgical year are over Christmas, Easter and Pentecost are now all behind us and we’re in the long stretch of time that our more liturgical colleagues call ordinary time. A time when things go about their steady rhythms with few interruptions……

I think ordinary is often underrated. There is something to be said for a time when there are no huge events and we can concentrate on the things that get lost when we’re rushing around and dealing with drama. It’s also a time to recuperate and rest a bit.

                There is a supposed Chinese curse “may you live in interesting times” which seems to be made up by a politician Sir                  Austen Chamberlin and first printed in the Yorkshire post in 1936 when it reported his speech. Interesting times are                      rarely peaceful and often not very happy- and even when they are they are often exhausting. Ordinary and                                      unremarkableness is much more relaxing…….

So, let’s embrace this ordinariness and put up our feet up a little, drink some Pimm’s (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) and dig into strawberries and cream. Let’s eat a few afternoon teas in the garden and spend time catching our breath and work on those odds and ends while we have the chance…

I think we’ve all earned it!

- Chris