Hull Team Churches

Ministers thoughts for the month

I am looking out my window at the leaves flying off the trees. As the evenings draw in and the weather turns colder another year is almost over. Looking back there is so much that we have done this year, not the least organising, recruiting and furnishing Peter’s House. I think has been well worth the effort… I think most of us would agree the Rosina, Janos, Noah and Anja [the gap year students from “Time for God"] have been welcome additions to our church family.  

Other things like fairs, art exhibitions, barn dances, bible studies, afternoon teas and the many other things we have already done this year. Just looking at the number of things scheduled for this month is amazing. And with Advent and Christmas now around the corner it is going to be a busy season.

But during busyness it is always important to leave time and space for God. There always needs to be a place where we have enough time to ponder and to pray. It’s important to have time to rest and to look after ourselves. Sometimes the most important thing to do is to do nothing.

So as the festive season soon starts let’s remember this… we are celebrating he Prince of Peace and not the Prince of Exhaustion.